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Indraprastha Security and Detective Services Private Limited will provide well trained detective services, security guards & best security services in trivandrum for various needs.
We also undertake various investigations as per our client requirement, such as Pre-martial investigations, Background verification, Tracing of missing person, etc.,
We will also provide guard escort services, detective, security agency for goods and valuable materials in transit. These services can be extended to the whole Kerala.


We are providing an exceptional security guard services for our with out compromising quality and time.



We have the team those who have well experienced and trained persons professionals only.



With our decades of experience in the field we keep upgrading our equipments and instruments.



Security Guard Services in Trivandrum to safeguard everyone

Security is highly required thing in modern time and this is why you must take services of Security Agency in Trivandrum. You would enjoy so many services related to security which would help you to live safely than before. As Top Security Services in Trivandrum, we provide perfect safety solutions in hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, colleges and various other places. Along with these, we also give Security Guard Services in Trivandrum which can help you in keeping check on all things. No issues will be faced regarding security reasons when you have the best agency to serve you. The guards are trained for extreme situations and that is why our agency promises complete security to you.

Best safety solutions with Security Agency in Trivandrum

No one is safe in today’s time and security has been a questionable thing. But with the Security Agency in Trivandrum you will get peaceful environment to live with safety of the highest level. There are many service areas which could be enjoyed when you take service of Top Security Services in Trivandrum. The skilled guards would serve various purposes like crowd control, static guard, event security, mobile patrolling, security for construction sites, and all other twenty four hour security services. Security Guard Services in Ernakulam is best to take when you wish to take security measures for some private reasons.

Safe and Effective Security Guard Services in Kollam, Trivandrum

Detectives are required by many people for checking things or people’s activities. You can take help of the Top Security Services in Trivandrum and they would provide many service like background verification, report of character, investigations of missing person, recovering money, matrimonial screening, and tracing of evidences. The Security Guard Services in Ernakulam are better as no personal details or information would be disclosed anywhere. You can secretly check anything and control everything by using our dedicated detectives. Our detectives are the people who aspired to work in security field and are best at such safely services. As Security Agency in Trivandrum we guarantee you that security provided by us would be best for you in all aspects. Our security service division has been providing trusted security services, security guard services in trivandrum, security agency in trivandrum, Security Guard Services in Kollam with unmatched excellence and integrity to clients

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